1. The number one cause of car accidents in the United States today is driving while distracted. Put down the cell phone and look at the road.
  2. Speeding. Slow down and note the speed limit signs.
  3. Drunk driving. Even a few drinks can be deadly.
  4. Reckless driving. Adopting an attitude of courtesy will help reduce these accidents.
  5. Rain. Rain can create dangerous surfaces for traffic vehicles.
  6. Running red traffic lights. No, you are not invisible. Please stop.
  7. Running stop signs. Do more than pause at these signs.
  8. Teenage drivers. It is never cool to drive recklessly.
  9. Night driving. Things are hidden at night and it is likely your car will find them unless you drive in a manner that corresponds to the visibility.
  10. Design defects. Keep up with regular maintenance for faster detection of defective and recalled parts.
  11. Unsafe lane changes. Always use a signal when changing lanes.
  12. Wrong-way driving. Chicago streets are understandably confusing. Pay extra attention when traversing downtown areas.
  13. Improper turn. Please always use a turn signal when turning. We can’t read your mind.
  14. Tailgating. This is due to the back driver being reckless. If someone is too slow, it is best to simply pass when you can.
  15. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. All forms of drugs, whether legal or illegal are not good road buddies.
  16. Ice. Unfortunately people believe themselves to be invincible in these conditions. Please slow down. Preparing your car for winter driving would help.
  17. Snow. See Ice, supra.
  18. Road rage. Road rage occurs when people believe that others should become their clones on the road. Seek anger management if you cannot get this under control or one day you will anger the wrong person.
  19. Pot holes. Remember to report these to the City of Chicago to get reimbursement for the damage.
  20. Drowsy driving. Know your limits when you are tired. This culprit is usually an underestimated contributing factor in accidents.
  21. Tire blow outs. In many instances, proper maintenance can help avoid these situations. In other instances, pay attention to the road and try to safely avoid any obstructions.
  22. Fog. Ignore this weather pattern at your own peril. Drive with low beam lights on as high beams will reflect off of the fog and impair visibility even more.
  23. Deadly road curves. Turns are typically underestimated by drivers. Use extra caution at night and in bad weather. Looking at the suggested speed limit isn’t a bad idea either.
  24. Animal crossing. When you see the warning signs slow down, especially at night. Animals have not been through driver training so they cannot accurately predict the right time to cross.
  25. Street racing. This behavior is completely unacceptable on America’s roadways. Not only will you endanger yourself, but any bystander or third party is extremely at risk. No matter how good you think you are, you are not good enough to drive at high speeds.

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