More than a personal injury lawyer—a trusted friend…

“It wasn’t just a client and a lawyer relationship. David did become my friend. He devoted himself to my case and to me. You can trust him. David didn’t stop with the settlement. He championed a law to prevent this from happening to others.

– Sharon Jarnagin

David Kremin, Montel Williams and Sharon JarnaginDavid Kremin, Montel Williams and Sharon Jarnagin, whose son died of an asthma attack following lack of 911 response. Read more.

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David has been the First Church of Love and Faith’s attorney for close to 20 years. I hold him in the highest esteem. Not only has he helped us with legal advice, but he’s also a fixture at all our special events, including the annual banquet, our food ministries, and cable television shows. I have recommended David to people who have called in from the TV show as well as to our church members. I have only the best to say of David.”

– Reverend Lucius Hall

Reverend Lucius Hall, First Church of Love and Faith, and President Jimmy CarterReverend Lucius Hall and President Clinton

“David was there for me when I was in a very bad situation. Whenever I called him, he would call me back right away– I wouldn’t have to wait a day or two. If I ever needed something that wasn’t his area of concentration, he would refer me to the right person and say: ‘If they don’t call you, call me back.’ He came through for me, and I’ll appreciate that forever.

-Patty Labuda


“We researched personal injury lawyers looking for someone who would give our case the attention it deserved. After meeting with David, we knew he was the one for our case. He cared about us, counseled us and was always available to talk to us. We brought the lawsuit to influence the company to comply with safety rules to prevent this tragedy from happening to others. David helped us to obtain a record settlement in the State of Illinois. We are thankful for his guidance and expertise.”

– Family of James Williams, Jr.

Family of James Williams Jr., who was killed in an accident

James Williams, Jr., was killed in a work related accident.



“If you want a good lawyer who will treat you right and treat you fair, call David Kremin. He’s a wonderful and fair person. He became my great friend.

– Rudolph Adams

Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph AdamsRudolph Adams required knee
replacement after a work injury.

 Dr. Susan Smyth
I had been a client of a different high-profile attorney and was getting very little attention. I then met David and all that changed. He is conscientious, thorough and always puts the client first. David is both smart and compassionate and handeled my case with great expertise. I really appreciated his dedication and efforts.

Dr. Susan Smyth

Dr. Susan SmythSuffered serious back injury from car accident



“My husband and I were involved in an auto accident that nearly cost us our lives. We were lucky to have survived. I’ve undergone seven operations since, and whenever I had a bad day, David was there to lift my spirits. He was always calm and relaxed in handling our case. I could not have asked for a better outcome.

– Laura Landolfo

Laura and Alex Landolfo
Laura fractured her arm in an auto accident


…and a champion for victim’s rights

As a champion to create change, David K. Kremin brings together community leaders and lawmakers as well as the news media. He was instrumental in fostering legislation requiring 911 dispatchers to be trained, certified and licensed by the State of Illinois to obtain the job. The law requires 911 dispatchers to follow protocol, ask appropriate questions, give pre-arrival instructions and to make sure an ambulance gets to the location.

“You would assume that when a dispatcher becomes a dispatcher, they have been trained and certified, but that wasn’t the case,” explains Sharon Jarnagin of Chicago, Illinois. Jarnagin’s nine-year-old son Carl died from an asthma attack when paramedics refused to enter her complex.

“David didn’t stop after recovering a large sum of money for us. He fought to get a law enacted so this tragedy wouldn’t happen to anyone else. Knowing dispatchers must now be trained and certified before they’re hired makes a difference. I believe my son did not die in vain,” Jarnigan explains.

“What a fine job you have done to advance the state of Emergency Medical Dispatch for the great state of Illinois. If it hadn’t been for you, David, there would still be bodies piling up in the streets. The implications of the life-saving contribution you have made for Illinois are tremendous. We could not have done it without you and your diligence.”

– Jeff J. Clawson, MD
National Academy of Emergency Dispatch

David K. Kremin and President Barack Obama
Jesse Jackson and David Kremin
Mayor Richard M. Daley and David Kremin