Chicago Lawyer Magazine has noted David K. Kremin in its annual multimillion-dollar recovery survey. In fact, in a recent issue, Kremin's clients were noted as receiving $24,000,000 in a single year!

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$14,000,000 RECORD HIGH AWARDRead more

to a 51-year-old woman whose lung cancer diagnosis was delayed several years by a lack of communication among her doctors at Northwestern Hospital. The $14 million verdict was the highest ever in Illinois for cancer misdiagnosis.

$10,000,000 RECORD HIGH AWARDRead more

The highest settlement ever paid by Chicago tort division for a 5 year old who lost his leg when a fire truck drove over him.

$7,000,000 Read more

paid for a woman's back injurty when the CTA train fell off the tracks.

$6,500,000 Read more

paid when a Doctor failed to do a timely C-Section resulting in the infant being deprived of oxygen causing injury to the infant.

$6,000,000 RECORD HIGH AWARDRead more

Motorcycle passenger accident with back and head injuries; maximum policy amount.

$5,000,000 Read more

in future payments in a medical malpractice case as a result of physician negligence.

$4,500,000 RECORD HIGH AWARDRead more

The highest award in Maritime Law, relating to boating and water accidents resulting in injuries.

$4,000,000 RECORD HIGH AWARDRead more

to the family of a single male with no children killed instantly at a construction site.

$3,600,000Read more

paid by medical providers for failing to diagnose a terminal illness of a male patient.

$2,300,000Read more

paid by the CHA for an injury resulting from building code violations.

$1,500,000Read more

for lower extremity injuries sustained by a worker on a construction site.

$1,400,000Read more

paid on nursing home negligence resulting in serious leg injury to patient.

$1,300,000Read more

for a 50-year-old bicyclist struck by vehicle resulting in several fractures.

$1,200,000Read more

paid by Habitat Company, a management company of a Lakeview building where a two-year-old child fell out of a window.

$1,000,000Read more

for the death of a nursing home passenger involved in an ambulatory vehicular accident.

$1,000,000Read more

for nursing home negligence.

$1,000,000Read more

for a pedestrian struck by vehicle resulting in fractured knee.

$1,000,000Read more

for a 73-year-old injured in an elevator with back disc injury.

$1,000,000Read more

declaratory judgment finding that the umbrella policy did cover the victim in the amount of one million dollars.

$1,000,000Read more

as a result of a security agency's failure to protect a guest when gang members attacked a 15-year-old boy in front of a CHA development.

$800,000Read more

for sexual assault

$800,000Read more

for a woman whose arm was fractured in an automobile accident.

$800,000Read more

was awarded after a child fell from a window in his home.

$750,000Read more

for a victim when defendants were found to be legally and medically negligent.

$750,000Read more

as result of vehicle collisions causing cervical injury.

$750,000Read more

for a fractured arm caused by an automobile accident.

$700,000Read more

paid as a result of nursing home negligence.

$500,000Read more

as a result of a slip and fall causing back injury.

$500,000Read more

paid by the City of Chicago for its 911 dispatcher's failure to dispatch an ambulance when a pregnant woman was in distress.

$450,000Read more

paid to an 80 year old woman in a nursing home for bed soars and other injuries.

$350,000Read more

for a woman who slipped and fell in a restaurant, causing a back injury.

$325,000Read more

for a fractured hip due to nursing home negligence.

$250,000Read more

paid by Great America where an amusement ride struck a young woman, resulting in a knee injury.

$250,000Read more

or an 80-year-old who fractured her hip in a nursing home.

$250,000Read more

for hip fracture that was caused by a dog attack.

$250,000Read more

for a bicyclist struck by a vehicle.

$200,000Read more

surgical needle was left in abdomen from hysterectomy

$180,000Read more

for a fractured vertebrae as a result of a fall at work.